Record Homecoming Ticket Sales

Aliza Riggins, General Staff

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As students entered the gym, they had no idea that their attendance was breaking records! 1,039 tickets were sold for the Bloomington High School’s red carpet themed homecoming dance, exceeding previous sales. Tickets were available during the week leading up to the dance which took place on September 29th. The average number of homecoming tickets sold in previous years varied from 800-900, depending on the school population. With a new freshman class, the school population increased by 200 students, sending tickets sales over the roof.

With the large number of ticket sales, also comes a large number of high school students. The homecoming dance is held in the North Gym with a capacity of 1,428. Because of the growing number of students, questions were raised about changing the location. Junior Clarissa Sullivan says, “There is no reason to move the dance, especially when Prom is held outside of the school.” Although some students like the tight space, it tends to get overwhelming to the teachers watching the dance. Teacher and event coordinator, Anmarie Stephan says, “Students usually prefer a tighter space because everyone is in the middle anyway.” Because of the positive outcome of homecoming 2018, we are expecting an even bigger and more successful outcome in years to come.