Election Time: First Time Voters Head to the Polls

Noele Bess, General Staff

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Eighteen marks the time when a teen legally transitions into an adult, but for some it means much more. On the days leading up to October 9th at BHS, anyone who was 18 or slated to be 18 before November 6th were encouraged multiple times to register to vote.  Many other young/first-time voters share the same spirit as Connor Jackson when he said, “I’m excited that I get to vote so I can help Make America Great Again”

Apart from being able to test their chances in the lottery at the age of 18, some feel they finally get a voice through voting. In recent years, a lot of controversy entered the world of politics and at many public schools, people have many differing opinions on the matter, but now everyone of age gets to cast their vote in hopes to see the changes they desire. One of the bigger elections is for Governor. Bruce Rauner and J.B. Prtizker campaigned strongly over the past month, and show no signs of stopping. Pritzker supports matters like legalizing marijuana, protecting net neutrality, and affordable healthcare. Rauner focuses on criminal justice reform, 1 billion dollar tax cuts, and bringing/saving jobs in central Illinois.  These controversial topics have people wondering if it is appropriate to promote voting in high school settings; will students understand the importance of these topics?

“We should encourage voting amongst students, and students need to educate and think for themselves when they vote. One thing to keep in mind is that it is not a popularity contest it’s who the best candidate is for the position,” stated Office Assistant, Amanda Hogenson.

The way people vote will have a lasting effect on America for years, even a lifetime, so it’s important to get out there and cast a vote, whether for the first or last time.

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Election Time: First Time Voters Head to the Polls