TJ Barger Wins State

Mattea Fry, Editor of Photography

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Sophomore, Thomas Barger (TJ) recently won the Class 2A Boys State Golf Tournament that was held at Weibring Golf Club at Illinois State on Saturday, Oct. 13, 2018. After a first round of snowy weather conditions, the tournament was postponed and all scores were restarted. Going into the second day with a wiped plate, TJ, accomplished to capture medalist honors with a 3-under-par 68.

The first day of the State, TJ ended up with a 41 on the front nine, which according to TJ: “I did really bad and was glad the first day got cancelled because I got a second chance at winning the tournament”. Finally, when the weather conditions delayed the tournament, both TJ and Coach McClellan felt relived. On the next day, the rules favored TJ’s chance of winning individually. All scores were erased and only Saturday’s 18 holes would count. He saw his opportunity and chased it with an even-par 36 on the front nine.

“No I don’t think the bar has been raised too high for me, I’m only a sophomore and there’s lots of opportunities ahead of me. Next golf season, I believe I can do it again, with the help of my team. Plus, there’s upcoming freshmen who will not only help the team but me too,” proudly said Thomas Barger.

After the huge win for Bloomington High School Boys Golf, teammate Brady Neuhaus: “feels like we can make very good improvements and all work to be with TJ in state as a team next year”.

Last year Barger placed 88th as a freshman. Barger took advantage of the offseason and proved himself to everyone by making history. Thomas Barger joined Keith Johnson (who did it in 1933) and has become the second BHS golfer to earn medalist honors in a state golf tournament.