The Right Move: Transfer Students Enjoy Life at BHS

Bree O'Neal, Editor In Chief

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Entering into a new school is always a change some are not ready to make, but here at BHS, it is a top priority to help new students feel welcomed and have an easy transition into a new and diverse environment. BHS receives transfer students from all over; some ready to take on a new challenge, while others are truly frightened.

Bloomington High School is the best school in the Bloomington/Normal area to transfer students  because they offer not only dual credit courses, but AP courses, and they have an area career center that gives students a better understanding of what paths they can pursue after high school. There are a plethora of quality extracurricular activities, and a staff that will care for every student.  “BHS has a lot more freedom than my last school,” said freshman transfer student, Noah Reffue.  Nate Duckworth added, “My favorite part about Bloomington is the people and the diversity that comes with it.”

Bloomington High School is a great place to meet new people, try new things and get involved, all while being able to learn and prepare for college.