Counselors among new staff this year

Mattea Fry

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With the new year, there is always new changes, such as new staff, construction, rules, and students. But also there is always new challenges. Two new guidance counselors, Mrs. Common and Mrs. Elver, have joined the BHS staff. They believe the school year will not be hard, but challenging.

“I think it will go well. I’m excited about the challenge of working in a new building and getting to know new people and students. And I think there will be things that come up and obstacles and challenges along the way, but I think we’ll work through those as they arise,” Mrs. Common said.

After the first week of school in session, the guidance counselors have been working non-stop to address student requests.

“It wasn’t hard; it was just busy,” said Mrs. Common. “You just kind of took it one student at a time.”

Mrs. Elver said she brings a lot of care and compassion to her new job.

“Really wanting to work with and help kids. I think that’s my main motivation and goal,” she said.

Principal Mr. Moore believes Mrs. Common and Mrs. Elver are perfect for the job.

“I think both new advisors will do an outstanding job. They both are excited to work at BHS and we were very lucky to hire Mrs. Common and Mrs. Elver. It will take a while to get used to working at BHS, but I have no doubt that both will work very hard to provide the best service possible for our students.”

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Counselors among new staff this year