Speaking of rivalries…

Ryleigh Summers

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Our biggest sports rival is Normal Community. For football, there has been a constant excitement for the game against Community. It’s what everyone looks forward to. People use face paint and make shirts and hats specifically for that game. Although there are multiple other schools in town (U High, West, CCHS) Community is the one we are most competitive with. At almost every game, the fan sections on either team get in trouble for the signs they make toward the other team. At football games, a fence is also put up so that fights between student sections don’t occur. Although fights can and do occur, some people come to the game to reconnect with friends from NCHS. The fence being put up in a way encourages fights. It shows both student sections that the administrators don’t trust them enough to lack violence. In turn, this fires students up even more, so they attempt to fight to make even more of a scene than a normal fight would.

Everyone takes the games very seriously against Community, and the athletes spend weeks preparing for the special game. Since social media is such a big deal, students at both schools send and receive notes depicting who will win.  People spend weeks posting pics to make the other team mad and annoyed. The students attending either school post about how good their team is, attempting to psych out the other team’s football players.

The biggest moment of the whole week is game day. This is the day everyone has been waiting for. Most kids wear some form of school color clothing and make plans to meet up with people at the game. When the time for the game finally starts, everyone has butterflies in their stomach for who will win. Some years it’s a close call on the score, others, not so much.

After it’s all said and done, a few remarks are still made by students from the opposing schools. After a few days the rants stop, and don’t start back up again until the next game between the two schools.

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Speaking of rivalries…