Setting goals and meeting the challenge

Kailey Brewster

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In her first year at Bloomington High School, freshman Aisha Adams decided to join the football team.

Adams said she gained an interest in football after being a cheerleader for a Junior Football League for six years.

“This is my first year playing,” said Adams. “I went to a lot of Junior Football League games and it’s a really cool thing to see people get so excited and passionate about the game itself, so I really wanted to be a part of something like that.”

Adams plays as a lineman on both offense and defense.

“My experience playing at the high school is intimidating at times,” said Adams. “It’s scary to know that I’m at this level  and I’m just starting, but my team is the most encouraging group of guys ever.”

Adams has gained a lot of confidence from being on the football team.

“I’ve put myself in a very vulnerable position, so I have to believe in myself more than anything,” said Adams. “Girls are told that we can’t do many things that boys can, and changing that mindset little by little is the goal as well as the challenge.

Fellow teammate, Ben Wellman enjoys playing on the team with Adams. “I’m glad Aisha is on the team,” he said. “It’s fun playing and practicing with her.”


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Setting goals and meeting the challenge