BHS students view solar eclipse

Penelope Wilder

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School is finally back in session, and with a new school year comes new and exciting things. As BHS started back on Aug. 21, our Raiders were treated to a very special surprise: a total solar eclipse. The last visible total solar eclipse was 38 years ago in 1979. BHS shortened class periods in order to make time for classes to go out and witness the solar eclipse for themselves. Our location in Bloomington caused us to not be in the path of totality (or, where you can see the moon block the sun completely), but we were still able to witness an exceptional partial eclipse.

The next time we will be able to feasibly see a total solar eclipse is in 2024, 9 years from now. May our Raiders start the year off strong with this reminder that there is always greatness to be found.

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BHS students view solar eclipse